Artists At All Ages

Today was something really special. Art once again proved that it knows no limits; not even age.

Every month at Christ Memorial Church, a successful aging series is hosted. In front of 200+ delightful men and women, Carolyn explained the behind the scenes work it took to create this year’s  Tulip Time Poster. Additionally, everyone drew Holland’s Big Red Light house. Step by step instruction proved that anything can be drawn so long as it is broken down into basic shapes. There’s no better example of this than Big Red. Once again, as is always the case, everyone left with a uniquely beautiful work of art. Carolyn had so much fun with everyone involved and is so grateful to have participated.


IMG_6360    IMG_6359

At the same time back at the shop, the Carolyn Stich Studio team hosted sixteen fifth grade students from Waukazoo Elementary. The fifth graders have been downtown for their “downtown days”, which let them explore local businesses. At the studio, the students did the same project as the seniors and drew Big Red. The results were the same as always- beautiful masterpieces, unique to each student. As soon as the basic Big Red was drawn, students let their imaginations run wild as they completed the lighthouse’s surroundings. Big Red found itself amidst the mountains in one drawing, and under alien attack in another. We are so excited to have more fifth graders in the studio tomorrow and can’t wait to see what other fabulous pieces they create!

IMG_6351 IMG_6347 IMG_6350 IMG_6349